Welcome to Spice Merchant - Lewes

Timeless Indian Cuisine

Our team of chefs are of some of the most celebrated Indian chefs of their
generation, each chef a specialist in their own field.

Front of house we have combined the experience and knowledge of some of the
most talented waiting staff in the U.K. as well as personally recruiting fresh
talent from abroad, from places such as Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi, Nepal and Goa,
together with our management team, some who have been in the industry over 2

Spice Merchant has combined this WEALTH OF TALENT AND
EXPERIENCE to deliver some of the most innovative Indian food to be found
anywhere in the United Kingdom.

We at Spice Merchant believe that the creation of the finest meals begins
with the selection of the best ingredients.

Our Chefs take care to  acquire daily the best produce available locally and the

finest spices from around the world. 

ln keeping the traditional dishes and old favourites, we have introduced some of 
the most innovative dishes from across the Indian Sub~Continent.